Wave Field Synthesis

Wave Field Synthesis (a.k.a. WFS) is een technique for spatial positioning of sound, using a large array of small loudspeakers.

Wouter Snoei has been involved in the development of such a system for the Game of Life foundation since 2004.

The software driving this system is named WFSCollider. It offers an environment for composition on the WFS system, and also works for other spatial configurations (2 to 8 loudspeakers). The package features options ranging from soundfile playback along spatial trajectories to processing, synthesis and modulation, without requiring any knowledge of programming languages. It can also be used outside the WFS context and was utilized for example with regular surround setups in Berenjacht and Die Fremden. The sofware is open-source; it can be downloaded freely at Sourceforge (macOS version) and the source code can be found at GitHub.